It has become our greatest joy to engage with others who also try to live up to their fullest potential! We understand that this journey takes awareness, self-respect, education, action and tremendous courage. We invite you to come play and work with others who, like you, are of the heart and on the journey of their lives. Others who are dedicated to continually practicing making choices that will enable them to find freedom in their lives and businesses. We are committed to participating in the magic of the moment as we experience together how, with passionate hearts, clear visions, understanding of possibility and F.O.C.U.S., we can co-create anything.


This world needs more people who are successfully engaging in and sharing what they love to do.


  • To help you do what you love and do it successfully.
  • To awaken the heart and retrain the mind through empowerment and education.


Our doors are open to people from all walks of life. Regardless of where you are presently standing, we will meet and receive you fully. Then we will support you as you move forward on your journey.


We believe that every heart (no matter how sad or angry) has been formed by and is filled with life and love. So always handle people and their hearts with love and witness in awe what they can become.


We plan to be your resource as of one of the major platforms in assisting you in achieving your full potential.


  • We will encourage you to gain a deeper understanding of the nature and many hidden secrets of your heart.
  • We will show you the power and influence you have to shape the way you live and inspire others.
  • We will be a model, a support system and a source of inspiration for you as you develop professional and personal foundations involving qualities of kindness, compassion and a sense of universal accountability.
  • We will instill in you the talent and confidence needed to competently listen intuitively to your heart, for its wisdom, and your mind, for its knowledge.


  1. We serve selflessly and completely.
  2. We engage in authentically valuable relationships.
  3. We do our best and are not afraid to make mistakes as we embrace learning and improving.
  4. We follow through with our agreements and practice being unwaveringly bound to our word.
  5. We are a team and will hire, inspire and fire with heart and conscious intent to keep the integrity of our team healthy. No one is superior to any other member of the team.
  6. We give and receive fully to honor the healthy flow of abundance.
  7. We choose fun and will only work with those with whom the whole team aligns. We do not sacrifice happiness for recognition or money.
  8. We are coachable since we are not perfect, and are always learning and seeking to improve ourselves and our business.
  9. We embrace change and practice empathy for times we may meet resistance.
  10. We love.