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"I’ve had a business for years and feel like I already know a lot about running a business... How will I benefit from the CareerHearted Courses?"

CareerHearted offers the necessary tools, strategies, and evolving business platform that you need to make your business more profitable, more accessible, and to get it moving in the direction of your heart’s vision. Students who have taken CareerHearted when they were already ‘successful’, quickly discovered that they still weren’t living up to the full potential of their business.

When I was 15 years old, I was at a photography seminar taking an entry level course on taking people portraits. I just happen to sit next to a 73 year old Master Craftsman Photographer. I was surprised! I asked him what he was doing in this course. He looked at me, smiled, and said,

“The moment you think you know something, you have immediately limited your opportunity to experience greatness.”

CareerHearted will explain that your business is a living being – something that is only taught in CareerHearted. You and your business are in a very personal relationship together. Even if you are an expert on all the functions of your business from bookkeeping to self-promoting/advertising – you are only engaging in half of the abundance and opportunities that your business has to offer. CareerHearted has helped successful health care practitioners of 15 years, dentists of 25 years, insurance facilitators of 12 years, and even business strategists discover new successes.  These people walked away having gained knowledge that they deemed extremely valuable. (Take a look at the testimonial page and videos.)

This course is for anyone wanting to learn more, regardless of what they already know. If you are an expert and still choose to continue learning, we welcome you and are honored to assist you as you continue on your journey.

"Can this help me gain more clients/customers? and How?"

Yes.  This is what makes the CareerHearted Courses so powerful.

Take a minute to think about your mind. The conscious mind is a person riding an elephant and the subconscious mind is the elephant.  The elephant is very big and very powerful and can, with very little effort, overthrow the direction the rider is intending to go.  In moments of fear, it may run off and generate sabotaging devastation.  However, if the rider is given the proper coaching, tools, and guidance, he/she can learn to partner with the elephant in such a way that they co-create a powerful journey forward.

The CareerHearted Courses give you the tools and techniques necessary for you, as the “rider”, to work with your subconscious “elephant”.  You will learn to trust your subconscious and let it guide you. As you do so, you will find countless opportunities present themselves that you are suddenly open to receiving. This very actively includes meeting/talking to potential clients that you never before would have thought to consider. You may then also talk to people in a way that you never before would have, guided by a part of yourself that you never before worked with -your subconscious.

"I don’t know anything about Chakras. Do I need to in order to understand this course?"

No. The chakras are only very briefly mentioned (as well as explained) in the Business Essentials course. They are strictly used as a creative metaphor. Someone who has never heard of them can participate in the CareerHearted experience just as effectively as someone who has extensive knowledge on the subject. The 7 Chakras could be easily replaced with the 7 Modules. The Chakra analogy is simply used to add a unique dimension to the course.

We have found that business education can be a left brained, dry and often overwhelming experience. Since a large majority of our students are from the wellness industry, utilizing this model helps to organize the information for students who tend to be more right-brained, creative learners.  At the beginning of the course a general explanation is given about the chakras. As a bonus and for interest, Jeffrey discovered a new technology that can actually photograph these energy centers.

CareerHearted has been taught around the world to varying types of business owners, with many levels of awareness and beliefs.  We have hundreds of glowing reviews that all attest to the power of this new model and business course.

"What if I can't afford it?"

We have rarely come across anyone who actually can’t afford this course.  Most often they are just afraid to make a commitment and invest in themselves. They are afraid to lose money.

We have taken out all the risk and fear of investing in yourself with a 100% Guarantee. (View our 100% Guarantee page for details).

If “I can’t…” is your obstacle, that may very well mean that it is exactly the time to invest in yourself and your business to help create growth. Otherwise you will continue to create the “I can’t…” experience as a true and very real experience.

What if you could?  What would your life look like if you could afford this course without having to think twice about the money?  What would your life look like if you were creating your business and your life from an abundance mind set?

Working with thousands of people on money and abundance challenges, Jeffrey understands that a deficiency mindset is often times part of core programming. When they tell themselves and really believe that they “cannot afford it”, they are right!  They are right because that is what they told themselves and that is the reality that they created.

CareerHearted is something much more. The CareerHearted courses encourage and teach people how to create the proper platforms so they realize that they can afford anything. When you commit to the class, we ask that you begin to notice the magic of abundance that is drawn around you as you continue, daily, to hold onto the belief that you can afford anything you put your intention on.

We have heard back from multiple students who took action with the course materials and within a couple months had replenished their investment and were already experiencing new levels of abundance.

One recent student shared how, within just a few months of taking the course, she was able to decrease her client load by about 30% to have more time for her and her family.  At the same time, however, she increased her monthly income by 25%.

Words to consider:

“When someone really chooses to do something they will find away. Otherwise they will continue to find excuses.”  


What do you choose?

"Will the CareerHearted Foundation course help me find my career/true path?"


Yes, it can.  A majority of our students do already have a business or are about to start one.  Those without a clear direction forward who have taken the CareerHearted courses and fully engaged gained a tremendous amount of clarity from the experience.  The CareerHearted courses are a unique blend of self-development technologies and group support systems with specially designed business exercises to help students get out of their own way and discover their true passion.

CareerHearted redefines the old corporate paradigm.  You and your passion/career are not separate and when developing one, the other automatically begins to emerge.


“The class was really amazing!  I discovered a whole new direction for myself and now know how to move forward with my own goals and dreams.  The coolest thing is that, while it is very career focused, the things you learn in class are also applicable to your own private life.”  Jason K.


After this course, you will start thinking like a future business owner.  This course will show you how to avoid costly mistakes that many of us make when first starting a business.  You will also learn necessary tools needed to communicate more effectively and learn the behaviors of successful business owners.

One thing we ask is that you please trust what your instincts and heart tell you.

Of course, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that you will find a definition of what your life’s work is to be while taking the course.  Often, though, this is a great first step. We encourage you to open your heart and be willing to take that step. When you create actions and begin trying move forward, your true path will reveal itself.

Our best advice to you is to make this wise and powerful choice and keep taking actions to grow and move forward!

"How much time do I need to commit to the CareerHearted courses?"

I am sure you have heard a variation of this before and it applies here as well:

“The more you put your heart and passionate action into something, the more you’ll get out of it.”

The CareerHearted courses are a no BS, in-depth model to walk you through (step-by-step) each strategy, tool and technique needed to create a successful business. This course is designed to help you develop a strong foundation on which to build a truly sustainable and successful business.

Factors that will affect how much time you’ll need:

  • Your ability to follow through and make decisions with clarity and not get stuck in “options overwhelm”.
  • Your willingness to participate in the conversations in our forum –recommended, but optional. (The more questions you ask the more quickly and fully you will understand).
  • Your commitment to engage fully and complete all the exercises and willingness to revisit, expand and polish your answers.
  • You motivation to also participate in the 28 day momentum builder program that is set up for when you have completed the modules.
  • Your own definition of what “at your own pace” and “in your own time looks” like.

We are going to walk this journey together and you will need to follow through fully in order to see the results you are expecting. Success requires you taking passionate action.  There are no “fast results.” This program is designed to mirror the reality of owning a business — it’s fun, exciting, revealing, intense, nurturing, demanding and deeply rewarding.

"Is this a face paced 'RA! RA! RA!' event like all the others?"

No. Jeffrey designed this course so that your learning and implementing is optimal for success.

The only way Jeffrey could give you all that he has learned and taught to thousands of others is to put into effect a balance of the four communication styles as well as to keep the course moving at a decent pace. A pace that moves quickly and smoothly so as to keep your attention. An added benefit of the online course is that you can now go back and review the materials over and over again.

Jeffrey is committed to giving you so much more than you would ever have expected from a business course. He is also committed to creating an environment where you can learn as much as possible and, consequently, see that it becomes a part of your life.

So, instead of a lot of “RA! RA! RA!”, you will be learning tools and techniques for creating a business in a way that is easy to understand and extremely beneficial in all areas of your life.

"Do I get access to all of the CareerHearted course at once?"

The CareerHearted Courses are carefully created and delivered to you so that you complete each module with the corresponding exercises and actions in order. This approach has proven effective and helped ensure that when you then take action, you greatly increase your success potential. It also helps to avoid overwhelm and confusion.  The order of the material delivered is designed to help you eliminate common mistakes that occur in business.

People who approach things thinking they “know all this stuff already,” and always want to “jump ahead to the good stuff” will end up missing a lot.  Jeffrey delivers the course material without the extra BS by keeping the material tight, interesting and filled with little gold nuggets along the way.

CareerHearted has been designed to help you create sustainability and achieve your heart’s goals while maximizing your long-term success.

Once you complete the course, you can re-visit the modules in any order you like.

"Are there going to be any group activities?"


We are in the process of building our online community.  When you register, you will have access to private communities where Jeffrey and others will help to support your growth.

If you choose to connect with other students or graduates to form study groups (live or virtual), as some of our graduates have done, that’s great! If you prefer to work on your own, that’s great too.

Everyone learns differently.  While we support and enjoy community and group sharing, we also know the elegance of those who work in solitary environments that are more suited to their needs.

"Will I get one-on-one coaching from Jeffrey?"


Jeffrey does everything he can to stay active in the forums.  We cannot guarantee personal/professional feedback from Jeffrey for each student. He does offer separate coaching and consulting when openings are available.

All the feedback and questions will be recorded and you will often find answers there.

"Can I take the course with a partner?"

The CareerHearted courses are designed as individually purchased programs. Upon registration, you will receive one username, password, and member profile for your use.  You will have a limited number of access points and if the systems senses that the username is being used with unauthorized access, the account will be frozen until we can identify you.  This is to ensure your course actions are properly protected and remain private to you.

CareerHearted also offers continuing education credits and to receive these credits you will have to show that you yourself have purchased the course and engaged in the materials.

"What if I refer someone to CareerHearted?"

Through the CareerHearted Referral Partner Program, you can earn money by referring others to the CareerHearted Courses.

After you sign up as a CareerHearted Referral Partner, CareerHearted provides you with a Referral Partner link and resources to help you help others.

As one of our partners, you will be the first to hear about new courses/services and will receive training calls to help you receive the greatest benefit (and most money) for your participation!

CareerHearted uses a pay-per-sale agreement where the Referral Partner is paid a percentage of the sale for each sale that is made. This means you get PAID every time your friends invest in a product of service through your partners link.

We love generously rewarding our partners for spreading the word. The breakdown is as follows:

Earnings for Referral Partners:


1st Level Referral: 15% – this can be up to $300/person when you refer someone and they pay for the course.

2nd Level Referral: 5% – this can be up to $100/person when one of your referrals refers someone and they pay for the course.

Get Started Now: 

Sign up.  HERE.

"Do you have a refund policy?"


Yes we do.  Our policies can be viewed here.

We are fully committed to helping you change your business and your life. We know fear can be very powerful and we are here to help you through your fears and stay focused on creating your success.

Here is our 100% guarantee. 

Come to the live course. If, at the half way point, you do not feel this course is for you, we will refund your money in full, guaranteed, no questions asked.

Participate in the online course. Important: We require you to send us all the completed exercises, and show us how you played a part, fully, in the private forum -asking questions and making sure you got the answers you needed.  This means you must take action! We know that when you take action, you will get results.

We do require this because we’re looking for passionate, motivated and committed students only.

We take our learning environments seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement, and inspired, action-oriented learning.

Why do we do this?  CareerHearted is a really powerful course and we are passionate to have people experience the course who are fully invested in changing their lives for the better.  It is important to Jeffrey to engage with people who desire, with their whole heart, to grow and evolve their paradigms by investing in themselves and their business.  In doing so, they can both truly evolve.

Remember this:  What you get out of your business success will never make you happy.  Who you become… from the journey of manifesting your career and living your life’s purpose is how you are remembered.

"Do I have to purchase the whole CareerHearted course?"

We offer two courses. The Business Essentials and the Foundation Course. They are sold separately and you can also purchase them together for a discounted price. Either way, yes, they are sold as a full course.

"Do you offer payment plans?"


Yes we do!

You can either pay for the course in full for or choose one of our two extended payment plans. The plans are in 6 or 12 monthly payments. If you choose to do a payment plan, your payments will automatically be charged on the same date of the month every month.