Uncertain if the CareerHearted Business Courses will help you with our businesses and make life easy?
Take it from others. They were once where you are at right now. Let them tell you what they experienced.
… from people who where a little video camera shy…
I feel more confident and secure about business and how to grow and develop my business.  I loved the depth of information shared.  It was so specific. I cant express how great and how needed this course is.  If you’re not sure that you need it, you need it.  If you think you know about business or have done business courses before, I guarantee you’ll see it from a whole new perspective. If some fear is blocking you that’s exactly the reason you need to take this course.
Nicky Lynch

Wellness Practitioner, City, State

I enjoyed the realistic/no B.S. approach to business.  I have spent over 15 years in the corporate world.  I have spent a lot of time in board rooms.  This is something that I have never seen in a business course.  I have been to James Ray, Tony Robbins, The Sandler System, The Carnegie Sales and many more.  They could all use a lesson from Jeffrey.
Samuel W. Webb

Co-owner of "Iss' Magic Mixes" Oatmeal, Phoenix, AZ

This course should be taken by anyone creating a business. A refreshing and common sense way to look at creating your business. It makes moving forward so simple.
Lisa Osthelder

Body Talk Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

Within the first 6 months of teaching, the CareerHearted Course had already been nominated for two Best Practice Awards. Read here what Sophia Perkovich President of Cortiva Institute of Scottsdale had to say about the course.
Cortiva Institute of Scottsdale

Really really great!  Exactly what I needed.  Doing this course, I feel like I can do this;  I can start a practice and I can be successful.  I see a thriving practice/business for myself.  Yay!
Tiffany Nichols

Body Talk Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

Take this course to start or grow your business relationship and be prepared to work on you.  Don’t be afraid.  Instead, know you are worth it and your business relationship is too! This course is eye opening.  There are real world examples to relate to.  Taking me through the steps was immensely helpful.  Invaluable experience.  Wish I had learned the information earlier in life.  Be prepared to work on you!  You are worth it!
Roxanne Barnes

Health Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

 Jeffrey’s course and his ability to “hold the space” provides a structure for you to awaken into your own career… He gives concrete information and leads you through the process so that once you leave the classroom, you not only have tools, but actually know how to use them.  This course is filled with “Ah-Ha’s” and insights and that alone was such a gift for me.  I am inspired, and more importantly, I am now capable. 
CiCi Baudoin

Health Practitioner, Toronto, Canada

This course is invaluable for anyone owning or interested in owning a business.  Amazing!
Fiona Black

Wellness Practitioner, Vancouver, Canada

 I loved that Jeffrey was willing to go to difficult places with people and talk about things that most try to avoid.  I came to this course scared of the legal and marketing side of my business and I am walking out feeling empowered, knowledgeable and excited to tackle that side of my business and bring it to the next level.  Thank you to Jeffrey for giving me the tools and insight to bring to fruition my heart’s desire, what I was put on this earth to do.
Crystal Sadlon

Licensed Massage Therapist, NS. LC, Phoenix, AZ

I learned not just about business but I learned about myself.  Jeffrey created a safe place, motivated me and took a dream and made it more of reality.  There was a nice balance between lecture, discussion and groups.  Every time I began to notice that overwhelming feeling creeping in, Jeffrey brought something in to release that energy and relax me or release that anxiety.  I’ve been to a lot of continuing ed classes and this one has been by far the most beneficial.  I can take this information and apply it to all areas of my life to help me grow and succeed.  I left this weekend feeling empowered and with the knowledge, tools and support needed to have a healthy business.
Sarah Stauffer

Occupational Therapist, Scottsdale, AZ

The course has a detailed infrastructure for creating a successful business/career.  It helped me understand how to move forward with step by step direct guidance.
Claranita Gorman

Licensed Massage Therapist, Phoenix, AZ

I enjoyed how Jeffrey really made the course personal to each one of us.  I felt he was really invested in each and everyone’s success.  I was completely blown away!  Thank you Jeffrey for helping me learn so much about business and most importantly about myself!  I feel confident I can apply what I learned in this course to all aspects of my life.
Lori Spiker

Licensed Massage Therapist, Scottsdale, AZ

The CareerHearted Intensive was like nothing I’ve ever experienced! Jeffrey does a masterful job at bringing to light every aspect to building and sustaining a successful business in a method that is applicable and understandable for both right and left brained people. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your business or have been established for years, this is a fresh approach that will truly stimulate your business success. Jeffrey is knowledgeable through his experiences and communicates the content in a way that is palatable regardless of how the audience processes information. Thanks, Jeffrey, for the great experience. The working with the energy is paramount to the success of the business.  CareerHearted is a refreshing approach to establish, nurture growth and succeed in business.  Jeffrey is knowledgeable through his experiences and communicates the course in a way that is palatable regardless of how the audience processes information.
Brian Watt

LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist, Phoenix, AZ

 CareerHearted has completely revolutionized my attention to my business and potential thereof.  I have loved every minute.  The ability to see my true worth through someone like Jeffrey has been an honor.
Natalie Lombard

Wellness Practitioner, South Africa

I loved how you showed us left-brain concepts in a right-brain way and vice versa.  This course is by far one of the most beneficial and enlightening courses I’ve ever taken.  It is about so much more than business – it’s a course about YOU!  Jeffrey has presented in a way that creates a sensation of newness and aliveness.  This information is now in a clear, accessible, open space of my awareness.  Whether you are a business person, a creative visionary, a student, writer/artist, etc. – this course is filled with invaluable information and will give you a truly incredible insight into your very own personal evolution.
Eva Almeshal

Social Media Expert, Phoenix, AZ

This was so much more than what I expected.  I learned so much about myself and how my blocks, issues and beliefs are keeping me from moving forward in all aspects of my life.  CareerHearted taught me things about business I didn’t know I needed, and things about myself that are holding me back.  It was an emotional road for me.  I am so much more equipped as a person and business owner because of it.
Jen Power

Therapist, Nova Scotia, Canada

After 16 years teaching business myself, I took Jeff’s CareerHearted [Course] and found it extremely helpful and insightful.  The balance of the practical with the metaphysical creates a delightful blend that reflects many of our heart-based businesses.  You walk in to this class one person and you walk out another and it’s all effortless.  Just by being in the class, you change.  It’s magic.  Jeff shows his experience and deep understanding.  Thank you, Jeff, for bringing it alive for me.   I wish I had taken this course years ago.

Pam Foster

Licensed Massage Therapist, Business Instructor for Cortiva Massage Schools, Seattle, WA

I feel like I just received the degree in business that I never had a chance to get.  There was an enormity of concrete, practical information that I did not expect, supplemented by an opportunity to build a connection with my intuition and energetic beingness.  Jeffrey shared real life experiences that made him accessible/not on a pedestal.  This is the most comprehensive and 3-dimentional seminar that I have ever taken on business development and personal growth.  I now have the tools to analyze my business on an intellectual, creative and energetic level.  Thank you Jeffrey for helping me to realize my potential.
Lisa Krikawa

Owner of Krikawa Jewerly, Phoenix, AZ

The course took me from being “reactive” to “proactive”.  It put me in the driver’s seat.  It created a framework for many things that I had known and many things that I didn’t know.  I recommend this course to anyone, no matter how long they’ve been in business!!  A new beginning for me . . . . even though I’ve been working in the health industry for 30 years.  It could be a new beginning for you too.  Just take one step . . . do Jeffrey’s course.
Janice Woolsey

Body Talk Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Jeffrey, You were obviously gifted in creating this workshop.  The shifts that occurred went way beyond a standard workshop.  I so look forward to continuing the forward momentum through your coaching sessions.  Thank you again for a powerful weekend.  I look forward to seeing what you create in Level II.
Bobbie Sumner

Body Talk Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

I took CareerHearted and it was awesome. I expected to learn more about how to run a business and maybe see my business in a new way. And, I did – and what I didn’t expect was the unbelievable growth in myself as I went through each Chakra with my business. It has taught me so much more about myself and what I truly want from my business and for my life. After completing the first 3 chakras, my business took off and it is still growing like crazy. I am always booked and feel great about my work. Another bonus was that CE’s were available for National Certification in Massage. This approach to business is a great asset to any type of business owner. CareerHearted taught me to approach my business as a living entity, recognizing its growth cycle, checking its pulse and helping her to develop and grow through chakra systems while simultaneously healing me.
Elecia Bellmire

CBI, NCTMB, BAT, Wellness Practitioner, AdvCBP

This program has not only reinvigorated my vision of my life’s work but has been a solid reminder of the importance of self in that process.  I love the combination of step-by-step instructions and variety of creative exercises.  Well done!  In gratitude.
Shimyrre Britt

Naturopathic Doctor, Phoenix, AZ

I loved the concept that my business is a living entity and I need to talk to her.  I had real reservations about coming (the pre-course work already pushed my buttons), but I quickly realized that this should be an essential course for anyone in business- be it a new set up or an established business.  This course literally turned my world upside down!  There are so many useful tools.  If anyone complains about the cost, I can assure you that it’s worth every penny and more.  Jeffrey is so generous with his knowledge, experience, and wisdom.  Thank you so much!
Marie Jowett

Body Talk Practitioner

I love the content and looking at the business through the seven chakras.  This class has surpassed my expectations on every single level.  It delivers logical, left-brained business information in a creative right-brained digestible format. You are an extraordinary teacher and ensure your engage all students and that they understand the information.  As much as this class has given me, I look forward to future classes to continue on my journey of self-discovery.
Susan R. Noteware

CFO, Phoenix, AZ

Completeness.  A feeling that all issues and solutions relating to improving or starting a business are being covered.  I have taken a lot of business seminars. Take this seminar! The  angles that Jeffrey comes from are different than any I have run across and I know that this is the best business seminar out there.
David True

Wellness Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

Jeffrey provided a platform for learning how to set up a business and maintain what’s required for its success.  After an excellent power point presentation with plentiful experiences I walked away feeling energized, hopeful and ready.  Jeffrey’s best asset is what he teaches in this course – to see and listen to what’s going on with me in order to address my business. It’s presented with a blend of intensity, knowledgeable material, shared experiences and playful exercises. This seminar exceeded my expectations! I am, daily, using some of the tools Jeffrey provided. He helped me connect to a business person within myself that has enhanced my personal and professional life! Also, I continue to use an exercise he introduced that raises awareness about belief systems regarding business, self image, environment and money – all tremendously valuable!!! Not to mention challenging!
Tricia True

Wellness Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

What I loved about this course was the context, the diamonds, the nuggets were amazing. Jeffrey told supporting, real life stories about successes and failures that made the process feel doable and realistic.  The course is so enjoyable.   CareerHearted is a unique learning opportunity to address your business questions and needs at any stage of you business.  From the heart, you will learn unique out-of-the-box ways to bring out your full potential.  You will succeed internally and externally beyond your imagination.  The details were so impressive, making the information clear and concise.  The use of nature and natural cycles as a way to build a business was brilliant!
Linda Hurkot

Health and Wellness Practitioner

I learned that business can be a living entity and not just a product with a building and customers.
Gene A. Nickerson

Entrepreneur, Phoenix, AZ

Jeffrey, I learned some great lessons (mostly about poverty consciousness patterns) that I wouldn’t have been able to get through without the insights I got from the course. Your teachings on seeing the business matrix as a living being has given me the courage to make some pretty important decisions. I now realize CareerHearted not only helps us build businesses, it turns out it also teaches us how to evolve with our businesses and get through the conflicts that arise in a very practical way. I’m a CPA and I would recommend this to my business owner’s wanting to have a career from the heart.
Kyoko Tsujino

Certified Public Accountant, Auckland, New Zealand

I really liked Jeffrey’s presentation skills and personality and the breadth of his coverage.  I’d love to do another course.  The scope of the course is amazing.  For someone in the early stages of a career is given step by step practical advice.  For someone already in practice, it presents a whole new way of looking at things that will create a shift in their business.  Jeffrey is so easy to listen to and his pace kept me involved 100% of the time.
Gwendy Morrison

Body Talk Practitioner

The course provides knowledge on how to break a business down into various components.  It’s empowering to communicate with my business energy directly.
Susan M Stodola

Body Talk Pracitioner, Seattle, WA

Very practical and clear steps for business. Perhaps more importantly, I learned a great deal about myself. 
Jill Kirby

Wellness Practioner, Seattle, WA

This class was beyond what I expected.  I found applications far beyond the narrow scope I came to focus on.  The days were energizing and refreshing rather than draining.
Tom Herrmann

Physics Professor, Seattle, WA

Jeffrey is a gifted teacher that has a unique ability to communicate and teach in a way that everyone can understand.  His classroom exercises are well thought out and give us a way to develop a higher awareness of our business, how to interact with it.  This has been a profound experience that I will always be grateful for and highly recommend.
Kim Brighton

Health Practioner, Seattle, WA

Perfect balance of “woo woo” and logical/practical.  Jeffrey has an amazing understanding of the human heart, mind and energetics.  He generously shares his wealth of business knowledge in a way that is easy to absorb, even with little or no business background.  The exercises in CareerHearted awaken an energy deep inside and create a momentum to propel you forward, not only in your business, but your personal life as well.  Took something so fact based (business) and integrated an energetic layer to make it more personal as wall as fun.  Thoroughly enjoyable.
Krissy Russell

Business Owner, Seattle, WA

The opportunity to come into contact with the living being that is your life’s work has a value that is beyond measure.  Jeffrey brought me there with ease and now I know what I am here for.  How many people can say that?  The combination of Jeffrey’s history of success in business as well as his new business being available as a model of current business building is wonderful!
Diana Gard

BAT, Body Talk Instructor, Seattle, WA

I enjoyed the right brain approach to business, learning how to communicate with my business and the structure of the course, learning styles.  CareerHearted offers an amazing and unique opportunity to look at your business in a completely different way.  It provides a creative right brain approach to understanding the left-brain practical tools of business. The CareerHearted course is like taking years of marketing and business courses in one weekend all wrapped in the energy of the heart.
Jobie Summer

Financial Advisor, Phoenix, AZ

CareerHearted takes a unique view on business development for entrepreneurs in the health care profession. Jeffrey’s class bridges the gap for so many of us who wish to get into the profession of helping others yet are at a loss on how to get a successful business going.
Tim Hall

Body Talk Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist

If I use the steps outlined in the CareerHearted course, I cannot fail.  Whether you have an established business or are just starting out, this is a very valuable course.
Fonda Hall

Body Talk Instructor, Phoenix, AZ

This heart-based approach is the only way I could truly enjoy a business course.  Jeffrey shares his knowledge and experience from the heart.  CareerHearted is a “must attend” class for any type of business.  The approach Jeffrey employs is relevant to any individual.
Christine Barrie

Wellness Practitioner, Seattle, WA

CareerHearted is my matchmaker.  Jeffrey graciously introduced me to the living energy that is my career.  During the event we wooed each other, got giddy about the possibility we are for one another and fell in love.  Now, united as one, we are a huge contribution to the world!
Chris Whitcoe

Entreprenuer, Phoenix, AZ

Jeffrey’s enthusiasm and awareness of what it takes to be successful and to be able to get that knowledge across to so many people.  Fantastic weekend!  I’ve learned more about myself this weekend than I have in a long while.  I had such a terrific weekend engaging with Jeffrey and his positive visions in life and business.  I can’t wait to implement his wisdom.
Corinne Rubin

Licensed Massage Therapist, Scottsdale, AZ

I liked the accessibility of the information, the business concepts put in “friendly” forms.  This intensive weekend has not only changed how I will approach my business but how I will approach my life.
Laura Coleman

Licensed Massage Therapist, Scottsdale, AZ

Jeffrey’s teaching methods are right on point.  I came here to learn how to make my business more efficient and I left with knowledge that has surpassed my expectations.  This is not just a class for business growth, it’s a class for personal growth as well.
Jared Saunders

Licensed Massaged Therapist, Scottsdale, AZ

As a massage therapist, this course covers aspects of opening/running a business that is not taught in schools.  All small and large business striving for success would benefit greatly from this course as it creates the foundation of starting any business.  Very eye opening not just for business but any financial aspect of life and very insightful on how individuals perceive business.
Angie Brei

Licensed Massage Therapist and Cortiva Instructor, Scottsdale, AZ

I loved the fact that Jeffrey made “business” seem fun and exciting!  The fact that with a slight change of your perception your whole world can be changed was a beautiful ah-ha moment.  This class allowed me to see that I could shift my thinking from “fear” to “success” and created excitement where dread and uncertainty had been.  I will forever be grateful to Jeffrey for sharing this gift with us!
Jamie Law

Licensed Massage Therapist, Scottsdale, AZ

The wealth and depth of information is presented an engaging manner.  Jeffrey explores the depths and explains to starting a business your business is a reflection of you and channeling your energy and your business’ energy IS the key to success.
Robert Baran

Licensed Massage Therapist, Scottsdale, AZ

The “game” of creating a business was fun and brought home the experience of each aspect we were learning.  Fun, fun, fun!  Creative and collaborative.  I like this a LOT!
Julie Gentry

Body Talk Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

What an awesome experience!  In my mind this is the ONLY way to approach business.  Wonderful for those who already think with their hearts and ESPECIALLY for those who don’t.
David Spiker

Licensed Massage Therapist, Scottsdale, AZ

I was fully engaged the whole time.
Heather Sigmundson

Body Talk Practitioner

I had so many revelatory moments in this class that I’m dizzy.  I have a new appreciation of myself. 
Vicki Douglas

Licensed Massage Therapist, Scottsdale, AZ

What I liked most about this course was the information, the details, the flow, the interaction, the energy idea’s shared, being a part of this experience. This course will bring that fresh look, that light energy and, better yet, another way to look at everything in life. Your ideas, your energy, your business needs the right person to run the show.
Monique Rossenbach

Licensed Massage Therapist, Scottsdale, AZ

I was never really taught growing up what a healthy relationship to money and career skills for my life looked like until now. This is a huge shift and its necessary to learn if you want to change your life for the better. I owe my deepest gratitude to Jeffrey. He makes it possible to create such a framework. He has made the course fun while teaching serious ways to learn about business. I don’t know where I would be without his wisdom. I highly recommend this class for anyone who would love to have an experience where they can see how possible their dreams really are and how great life can be!
Nathan Navarrete

Health Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

This course really helped me learn the step-by-step of manifesting a successful business and to come away inspired and prepared to take those steps.  As a result of taking CareerHearted I am inspired like never before I couldn’t be more pleased.
Marie Koenig

ADV, Advanced Body Talk Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

The content of the course was amazing!  Taking this course has given me so much more than I expected.  It relates intimately with the principles I was taught in naturopathic medical school.  It’s business education gone holistic!  Any medical professional can enhance his/her career tenfold by taking this course!
Mahdi Brown

SCNM Graduate, Phoenix, AZ

This course was a lot of fun and there were so many amazing eye opening realizations for me. Understanding how a business is a living being and how it impacts my business as well as learning the simple mistakes, possible lost revenues and new opportunities I never thought of before was a shocker. If you come looking to energize your business do not be surprised if you walk away with more than you expected like a lot of new information that you can also use in your everyday personal life.
Jim Kreisman

Farmers Insurance Home/Auto

Jeffrey has so many gifts to share with individuals who want to be successful in life and business. His warmth and understanding of not only what is needed to grow a business but his depth of experience with the magic of life and the movement of energetic realities is a cut above most of the information out there. This class alone can provide that exponential leap so many of us long for. Highly recommended!!
Kathy Halvorson

Wellness Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

What I liked most about this course is the knowledge that my business was alive.  I had some coaching with Jeffrey in January and it really made a big difference in my finances, clients, etc. I had some coaching with Jeffrey in January and it really made a big difference in my finances, clients, etc. Now that I have taken this course I have so many tools to continue to stay organized and market in a manual that I can refer to when I’m ready for the next step. I now know what is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd step to take. If I get out of order I’ll know because I have good reference material.
Danielle Haines

Doula/Midwife, Auckland, New Zealand

Sign up for this course before you do anything else!  Worth MORE than every penny. Jeffrey has great skills to be able to break down and teach to very right brained, non-business minded people in a ‘language’ that finally makes sense. I have been creating and enjoying new successes so I can verify that what this course provides is essential for your survival. If anyone asks me for advice regarding starting or improving their business I tell them to take this course.
Rebecca Romine

Artist, Auckland, New Zealand

 I feel very inspired and better prepared than I have ever felt before.  Amazing balance of left and right brain detail about business creating.  I feel so much more capable! CareerHearted energized me to tackle significant challenges and shortcomings that were hindering my business success.
Otilia Poltarack

Health Practitioner, Sarasota, FL

 This class was just what I was looking for!  It is giving me the tools and perspective to really launch my business.  I look forward to putting all these techniques to use.  Thanks Jeffrey!
Carolyn Osborn

Health Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

 Jeffrey is a phenomenal teacher.  Being able to share the same space with him for three days was fantastic.  His interesting and entertaining way to show the “spiritual” side of business was captivating.  Jeffrey gave a multi-faceted approach to the concepts presented to get the attention of different types of learners.  This class was the “golden egg” for me!
Rosanne Tersigni

Small Business Owner, Auckland, New Zealand

 Before the weekend intensive my life, career and relationships with others was weighing me down.  At the end, I really evolved and feel much lighter.
William Stiles

Coach/Advisor, Auckland, New Zealand

Fantastic information in small, easy to understand bids which, when compiled, add up to a complete business design.  I can see areas that I need to develop and now have a way to move forward.  This course has helped me develop concrete components which I know will take my business to the level which I have so far only dreamed about.  Thank you for a fantastic course!
Kathryn Burns

Body Talk Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

I was very drawn to CareerHearted for a new look at familiar information.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Business steps in the past that I may have avoided now make sense to me.
Kimberly Lauger

Small Business Owner, Auckland, New Zealand

 Jeffrey is great!  He guided us through the whole course step by step.  I feel empowered to implement what I learned into my business to better service myself, my employees and my clients.  I would recommend this course to anyone.
Peter Bruno

Business Manager, Auckland, New Zealand

 This course is excellent for anyone looking to improve his or her business or work ethic with the intention of manifesting abundance.
Trevor Ryan Hughes

Instructor of Metaphysics, Auckland, New Zealand

CareerHearted provides a caring, attentive environment to be encouraged and uplifted to make those first steps out into today’s business world.
Sabrina Nelsen

Auckland, New Zealand

 This course combines spiritual beliefs with practical solutions for manifesting, creating, sustaining and growing your business as well as enhancing your business and personal relationships. It applies to both spiritual and practical life, provides new approaches to integrate all the chakras into business, and teaches the importance of building a stable foundation for your business before focusing on the other areas.  It works you through all the necessary steps to build a successful business.  It provides opportunities to experience teamwork in a healthy, positive way.  It creates opportunity to receive feedback about your ideas from a group of people in various backgrounds with various beliefs and experience in an honest and positive way.  There is an emphasis on clear communication.  There is teaching on different communication styles that provides students with an understanding of how to effectively interact with all types of people.  The course provides options for follow up system to support students and keep them on track with the growth of their business.  It offers products and systems to those who want to replicate this business model for a reasonable fee.  The casual environment creates comfort and an intimate experience with others in class.  The workshop is structured to keep interest, remain alert, provides healthy nourishment.  Jeffrey communicates in a clear, direct way that is very present and humble as well as honest and respectful.
Xana Moonflower

Mother and Astrology Advisor, Auckland, New Zealand

CareerHearted reinforced my business practices for the last 25 years and put me in direct communication with my business.  I realized a new focus during the course and it reignited my passion for my career.
Dr. Rebecca Griffiths

Dentist, Auckland, New Zealand

 Jeffrey’s vision and creativity is no less than utterly inspirational in this unique course offering practical and realistic tools that will shift your life and your business – guaranteed!
Jane Gruebner

Body Talk Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

Vital groundbreaking business information.  This changes how you view your business and yourself as a business owner.  If you have struggled, have fears, feel lost, or want to learn clear authentic information relating to yourself, others, and your business, as well as releasing blocks to your success and magnificence, then this course is paramount.
Erena Oliver

Wellness Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

 The CareerHearted course is a fresh life-changing way to bring your business to life – literally!  It challenges the traditional way we look at business and infuses positive energy to give your business a pulse that beats strong and has a purpose.  Jeffrey has a very genuine manner and delivers this experience in a nurturing way using his many years of experience to support this innovative way of thinking.  The days were long yet they flew by due to interesting and challenging experiential content!  Jeffrey, love your work!
Faye Christensen

Business Manager, Auckland, New Zealand

This course not only gave me the tools for direction, it also showed me a complete different and new approach how to see, observe and create my business and career.  This course was not only eye-opening in a business sense but also awakening on a personal level.  I can highly recommend it to anybody in business.
Angelika Klotz

Body Talk Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

 CareerHearted is a very powerful course which enables you to connect with your business.  The course provides a step-by-step process to build a strong foundation and strategy to revise your desires.  It is very empowering and inspiring.  The course awoke me to clearly see my potential and the unlimited potential of my business.  This course has provided a whole new paradigm for me of how to create success in anything you do.  This course is for everyone!  Create the opportunity to commit to your personal and professional growth – take CareerHearted!
Beth Beauchamp

Health Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

 During this class something awakened inside, a strength, joy and motivation to focus on making my life career happen now.  I could not have come to a better coach than Jeffrey.
Charlotte Montgomery

Body Talk Practitioner, Vancouver, Canada

This workshop blew me away!  It’s exactly the guidance that I needed to hear on how to start a business and how to make it successful.  I’m so glad I took this course. I highly recommend  you take it too!
Teresa Ohlson

Wellness Practitioner, Vancouver, Canada

 CareerHearted Intensive is the missing link.  It’s the class that will get clients in the door.  Among the many new things I’ve learned for my practice, learning how to talk with my business has been and will be an invaluable skill that I will use for a lifetime.  You can’t afford to not take this class!
Jennifer Grundstrom

Body Talk Practitioner, Vancouver, Canada

My goal was to prepare myself to launch a new business venture with all the tools and inspiration possible.  I liked that the day was kept fresh by moving into different ways of learning and experiencing the material Jeffrey covered in CareerHearted.  As I launch my new venture, it will influence and benefit the decisions I make for a profitable business/career.
Juana Castanheion

Health Practitioner, Vancouver, Canada

By the end of the workshop I felt ready to begin anew and act on my ideas.  This course helped me expand my creativity. It is filled with development and encouragement of mindfulness and promotes having an open mind to possibilities.  I love the use of chakras to develop market business.  I have a wonderful education in clinical psych, I am a licensed therapist in two states, and my agenda taking this course was to develop and learn marketing for those businesses.
Joan Kurczaba

Therapist, Vancouver, Canada

With this course, Jeffrey definitely provides what he says he will – that and much more.  It is hard to believe so much information could be offered in 3 days, as well as experiential exercises that help to consolidate the information.  Jeffrey simplifies the maze of business steps, and shows how to be an authentic business owner by working from the heart.  This course is important for our evolving world.  Thank you.
Cheryl Clarke

Body Talk Practitioner, Vancouver, Canada

Jeffrey’s course is contagious  — I warn you because I “caught” it!
Freya Keller

Healing Therapy, Vancouver, Canada

This course helped me shift my relationship with my business from an impersonal one to a very personal and real one.  You get great value for your money – I definitely recommend CareerHearted to anyone who has a dream.
Lisa Dery

Physical Therapy/Instructor, Vancouver, Canada

 This course has given me tremendous confidence to pursue my business, along with invaluable tools to develop it and get it started.  It was a great investment and I would recommend it to anyone interested in starting or improving his or her current career/business.
Michael Lepard

Body Talk Practitioner, Vancouver, Canada

 To date, this may be the most important step I’ve ever taken for my career and business.
Kai Venemore

Carpentry Artist, Vancouver, Canada

 Jeffrey has our best interest in mind with this course.  It is beautifully created, comprehensive and cohesive.  It has a gift for every student and their business.  Definitely recommended.

Vancouver, Canada

 Thank you ever so much, Jeffrey, for your brilliant CareerHearted life energy.
Joan Pries

Body Talk Practitioner, Toronto, Canada

 The information is extremely relevant.  The course instills the sense of “I can do it”.   Feels like an MBA course, but so much more.  This course is current, relevant, and practical right out of the gate.  You’re given 3 days of learning, writing, exploring and sharing yet by day 1 your business or career is already shifting!
Frederick Thinh-Ball

Healing Practitioner, Toronto, Canada

I look forward to starting my brand new journey.  I am soooo excited about puting this wonderful information into action.  Thank you!

Toronto, Canada

Class was fantastic.  I learned more this weekend than I did in 2 ½ years of business school.
Katherine Ebacher

Wellness Practitioner, Toronto, Canada

Coming from a non-business type background this course has been a real eye opener for me.  Not only has it opened my eyes to building my career but how I need to implement it into my personal life so that my career will soar. 
Debra Rouse

Business Owner, Toronto, Canada

 This was a heart expanding weekend that was much more than just a business course.  It exposed belief systems that were hiding in the shadows… My heart grew 3 sizes!
Carol Cook

Health Practitioner, Toronto, Canada

It was amazing to learn how my business is a living entity. I no longer feel alone on this journey. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this course having taken multiple business courses and seminars throughout my business career.  CareerHearted is by far the best and has opened my heart and mind to the amazing possibilities that lie ahead.  I couldn’t be more energized!
Nicole Yensan

Wellness Practitioner, Sarasota, FL

Wow.  If I would have had this class when I first started my business I probably would not have walked into so many walls.  I could feel the passion in which Jeffrey taught the course and held a space for all of us to learn.  Thank you, Jeffrey, for pressing the buttons that were necessary to move forward with my business.  I have no excuse now.  My only option is success.   A deep heartfelt thanks!
Kris Freeman

Wellness Practitioner, Access Pars, Reiki Practitioner, Toronto, Canada

I now have lots and lots of opportunity ahead.
David Huff

Certified Body Talk Instructor, Toronto, Canada

My business was given a heartbeat.
Garth Richardson

Body Talk Practitioner, Sarasota, FL

It’s nice/comforting to know that business concepts don’t have to be so daunting.
Melanie Buzek

Certified Body Talk Instructor, Sarasota, FL

 Jeffrey showed me that, just as I have been successful in raising a family, I can be successful in my own business.  CareerHearted is not just a course for improving your career, it will help you expand your life.
Patricia McManus

Health Practitioner, Sarasota, FL

I am going back to my business after this course with totally different approach, understanding it, instead of just wanted to change it.
Tatiana Prokopovich

Restaurant Owner, Sarasota, FL

A mind blowing epic adventure that I fully believe has given me the tools to create and build my business ideas.
Kelby McManus

Wellness Practitioner, Sarasota, FL

CareerHearted gave me a foundation and the tools to turn something I love to do into a thriving successful business.  Thanks Jeffrey!
Kate P.

Sarasota, FL

Jeffrey Goodman walks us through everything we need to know about starting, growing and maintaining a successful BodyTalk practice.  He also uncovers and challenges our inner blocks to success.  I am forever grateful to the IBA for endorsing Jeffrey’s course and to Jeffrey for his brilliance, wisdom and knowledge in putting together this course and making it available.  CareerHearted has filled the gaping hole in the BodyTalk study program.  It is a MUST HAVE for all BodyTalkers and needs to be a required part of the BodyTalk curriculum.
Phyllis Rice

Body Talk Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

CareerHearted is the most innovative approach to understanding personal success and business.  This course is truly the model for the future.
Michael A. Holly

Video Production, Phoenix, AZ

A completely new business course relating the chakra spectrum to business.  Simplicity and ease of material and its practical application, great stories that are relevant teaching tools.  This isn’t your average business course, it’s a conscious expansion that will leave you changed forever.  Stuck in your career?  Spend 3 days with Jeffrey.  His masterful integration of the chakra energy spectrum and how it relates to business will release the flood gates of energy, growth and flow.
Sheila Mielcarek

Marketing Consultant, Phoenix, AZ

Everything presented is applicable to the world we are living in today. Jeffrey presents great insight into where we came from and where we are going.  He exhibits the courage to come from an authentic place in sharing some of his own life experiences.  In doing so he brings a candid look at how we truly create our lives.  This course offers a hands-on opportunity to learn skills that will assist you in reaching your potential and fulfilling your dreams in a way that just flows.  I highly recommend this course to everyone.
John Klein

Craftsman, Phoenix, AZ

This course is focused on real-life needs and does not waste time on prolonged set up.  Concepts are clean and organized.  I’ve attended some very well known business courses over the years and have worked as a COO & CEO and yet I was surprised by the amount of new information I learned through the CareerHearted course.  It’s got incredible value and is very respectful of where different attendees are in their business development.
Cyd West

Entrepreneurial Manager, Phoenix, AZ

You may already have a business or know what you want to do but this can solidify that in a way that will be completely clear to you.  The business aspect as it relates to the chakras is simply brilliant!  This course is a must for everyone who wants to make an impact.
Patty Flock

Broker, Phoenix, AZ

 I took this course, not really thinking I needed it, because I have an established BodyTalk business for 5 years now.  Boy was I surprised!  I have learned a lot and Jeffrey made it FUN!  I would recommend this course to all BodyTalk practitioners, especially the new ones.  Learn first how to create a successful business and then you will not only have the money to take the advanced courses, you will have the foundation to get so much more from them!
Ellen Gennaro

Body Talk Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

Being in this course has helped me discover my limitations, which have directly affected me and prevented me from being truly successful.  Thank you, Jeffrey!
Melissa J. Webb

Co-owner of "Iss' Magic Mixes" Oatmeal, Phoenix, AZ

Jeffrey’s presenting style made the information very easy to absorb.  Things continued to “click” for me as the weekend progressed.  Spend time focusing on the things that emotionally block people from having a successful business because it really gives you a personal understanding as opposed to just hearing the steps without any clarity on what to do to overcome those blocks.  I’ve always had a hard time understanding “entrepreneur” classes and this was the first time I’ve come away feeling confident about what my next steps are.  I can see the “whole picture” now and it’s exciting.  I’ve learned more in 3 ½ days with this CareerHearted course that I did in a 12 week entrepreneurial class that I took in college a year ago.  I have a clarity and confidence for starting my business that I’ve never had before.  It was well worth the investment.
Shallon Brown

Nutritionist, Phoenix, AZ

What I enjoyed most about this course was the creative approach to just about every aspect of this course.  Never have I ever taken a course that connected with me in so many ways.

Video Production, Phoenix, AZ

CareerHearted was a monumental class for me.  This is an amazing course for anybody wanting to find ways to build their life purpose into a business.  Jeffrey is exceptional and has a poignant way of transforming your life.
Dominica Zhu

Integrative Nutrition Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

The CareerHearted course was filled with so many positive gems that my whole being shifted.  I became energized, motivated, more positive and more present.  I began using many of these gems the very same day they were presented.
Renae Ritter

Phoenix, AZ

I loved having a super structured class. Everything was very organized and well thought out…  The holistic approach using consciousness and chakras to help define ordinary business concepts was a pivotal idea.  The sequence helped me tremendously learn and retain the information.  Very much appreciated.
Regina Cunningham

Wellness Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

This course is unbelievable.  I am blown away by how much it extended beyond business into myself and my family.
Claire Simmons

Mother and Business Owner, Nova Scotia, Canada

I gained a new awareness of how my relationship with myself is affected by my business as well.
Kelley E. Burry

Certified Body Talk Instructor, Nova Scotia, Canada

Where to begin?  It was eye opening, challenging, fun, and applicable to any area in your life. I got way more than I expected.  This course was a game changer.  A life changer.
Christine Buechele

Body Talk Practitioner, Nova Scotia, Canada

I strongly recommend the CareerHearted program.  Jeffrey provides the framework for a solid business foundation in concepts that help you manage expectations.  A model for bringing your idea to the world.  Making the journey all about you!
Rick Colbourne

Entreprenuer, Nova Scotia, Canada

This has been one of those once in a lifetime courses that changes not only the way you look at your business but how you look at your life.  Thank you for the opportunity to look deeper and broader.
Darlene Grabo

Small Business Owner, Nova Scotia, Canada

CareerHearted is beyond what you expect from a three day seminar. The first two days I was clearing many old beliefs about business that were holding me and my business back. Jeffrey’s message was from the heart and it spoke to a part of me that opened up and became more expansive. Many profound shifts occurred during the seminar. Thank you, Jeffrey, for this inspiring and uplifting workshop!
B. Summer

Of all the courses I have ever taken, this one, by far, is the BEST in every way!  I cannot believe how much I got out of this course.  Thank you so very much.
Adrienne Peters

Mother, Nova Scotia, Canada

I felt the energy of Jeffrey, of change and possibility, of heart.  That is really what makes this course so fantastic.  Of course, the information itself is incredible and taking us through the process step by step really makes us feel that it is possible to take it from beginning to end without pressure.  I had HUGE expectations for this course and I knew by lunchtime on day 1 that they were going be realized.  Thanks for the experience of a lifetime.
Brenda Conroy

Nurse and Therapist, Nova Scotia, Canada

This course has opened my eyes to so much.  Taking CareerHearted has changed my world and myself.  My entire life I have felt like a silkworm, 2 days into CareerHearted my process began.  3 days later I broke out of my cocoon!!!!  I am now a beautiful butterfly ready to show myself off to the world.  I finally found me.  Thanks Jeffrey!  This course, for me, established direction and motivation.  I now feel driven.  That’s what Jeffrey helped me do!  Believe and drive myself!
Zahraa Hans

College Student, South Africa

Brilliant course for self-development as well as business development.  It shows you exactly where your personal blocks are and how you can overcome them.  This then helps you to grow as a person which, in turn, will help you to grow your business.

South Africa

Thanks to Jeffrey, these last three days have been filled with value and treasures beyond measure!  More than I even thought possible!  Everybody who takes this course will all go away with so many golden tools, new ideas and a new  wisdom that they can apply to their career.  CareerHearted – so appropriately named – makes you understand how good it feels to operate from the heart.  Thank you, Jeffrey, for all your humility and for being so real!
Ruth Moretonas

Healer, South Africa

CareerHearted has given me the tools to nurture my business in a step by step way by giving me an understanding of how it all fits together…  I have learned how I can grow personally and in business.  Jeffrey, thank you! 
Sharon Souchan

Energy Healer, South Africa

 This course was the answer to a prayer!  I wanted a roadmap and I definitely got it with this course.  Thank you so much for helping me to remember the joy in my business again because I was very ready to give up! 
Patti Good

Body Talk Practitioner, South Africa

This course has so many tips and tricks that I can use for my new business as well as things I can do to push my current business into a higher income bracket.  It has brought me a conscious awareness of where I want to go and how to get there.
Suzanne Field

Health Practitioner, South Africa

This has been and still is the most enlightening and inspiring program I have ever attended.   Thank you kindly, Jeffrey, for the calm and professional manner in which you share selflessly that which you are…
Johann Lombard

Safari Guide, South Africa

 Being able to shift my perspective from “failure” to “succeed” has been very hard to do in the past.  Now it is possible to be successful!  
Estie Mattheus

Body Talk Practitioner, South Africa

With Jeffrey’s insight and thoughtful exercises, I was able to access something in me that was just waiting to be opened. It was beautiful.
Jody Owen

Consultant, Phoenix, AZ

I’m grateful to this course for the inspiration it has given me.  That and the practical steps to run a successful business.  I recommend Jeffrey and his CareerHearted course to anyone, whether they already have a business or are just starting out.  It is awesome and a must for any business…  It made me enthusiastic and confident that my business will grow incredibly.
Neil Belbin

South Africa

Jeffrey has given me an amazing insight into how I see and feel my business.  I love the technical part.  I am excited about the business side as well.
Lawrence Palmer

Health Practitioner, South Africa

Having been in business for the past 27+ years I found myself out of touch with current trends.  Changing careers into energy healing, I was aware that I needed to change my focus in business. CareerHearted has done exactly that and more.  I now have a better understanding as well as the tools to run a successful business going forward.
Tracy Lester

Body Talk Practitioner, South Africa

Wow!  Thank you for a three day phenomenal experience – life changing in so many ways!  I feel that I now have the courage to actively start my business.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jacqueline Warner

Self Employed, South Africa

This course has blown me out to a point where I now feel excited and ready to take all the steps to kick-start my business.  My confidence has grown exponentially.  I feel ready to take on so much more than I expected.
Lauren Bell

Health Practitioner, Australia

CareerHearted gives a great structure for practitioners to succeed in private practice.  Jeffrey is a great teacher, bringing all his experience to the course.
Robyn Spooner

Wellness Practitioner, Australia

This course helped me to understand blocks, beliefs, and how they are currently impacting my business growth.  It gave me tools to build foundations for marketing, attracting and possibilities I didn’t even know of.  It helped me to feel excitement for the future potential for myself and for my business as a whole.  I found a way to re-ignite the love without the overwhelm.
Vanessa Sumner

Energy Practitioner, Australia

I now know so much more than I would have dreamed.  The course has opened my heart to everything.  No limitations.  Thank you.
Madonna Matthew

Healer, Australia

This course has opened my heart to go forward in my business with the confidence that I will succeed!
Sarah Charlton

Body Talk Practitioner, Australia

A very well structured and wisely organized course that is balanced with a deep understanding of the energetics of business.  You really get a chance to deeply understand and embrace both sides.
Heather Mitchell

Wellness Practitioner, Australia

CareerHearted has given me a practical template for building a sustainable business.  I can see and understand so many opportunities for exploiting my creativity and skills to make a thriving business.  I love learning with a teacher that understands and caters to different learning styles.
Lalli Parkin

Coach and Health Advisor, Australia

This is more than a business course.  You’ll learn how to build a business, a career, and a life that you’ve always dreamed of.
Cherie Gaskin

Health Practitioner, Australia

This course is well structured and fast paced.  I learned a lot about myself, my career, and my business.  I couldn’t wait to learn more and now I can’t wait to go through all the material again.
Jayne Ponttan

Body Talk Practitioner

This course is well structured and packed with valuable information.  Yet, the way it’s delivered makes it easy to take in and not get overwhelmed.  There is great attention to detail.  This course comes at the critical time when a shift is greatly needed along with a raise of consciousness.  The course itself, as created and delivered, is a perfect model of heart based business.
Jiang Lu

Body Talk Practitioner

CareerHearted gives tools, encouragement, and support enough to meet your business potential.
Kim Budge

Body Talk Practitioner

This course is so packed, but it didn’t overwhelm –instead, it inspired.  Just what I needed and wanted.  This course has given me flight.  I now know the name of my business, how to set it up, what to do first, how things will unfold, and much, much more.  This course will challenge you, but will give you more than you expected.  The best course I’ve EVER taken.
Helen Holland

Health Practitioner

This course is excellent for when people first start their own business.  There is a real value in doing it soon too, as it would be helpful to learn how to have a solid foundation…  Doing this at the start would help people start a business with a clean slate…
Pratibha Bedarkar

Wellness Practitioner

Every once in a while, a person enters your life that changes it in a positive way- forever.  Jeffery is one of those people.  The CareerHearted course is all and MORE than you need to start a business.  DEFINITELY money well spent.          
Kathleen Richardson

Health Practitioner

This course is anything but boring.  I have been stretched, I have cried, I have rejoiced.  Jeffrey presents everything in a clear, concise way and speaks with real language.  I feel I have really grown and learned so much.  When I apply what has been taught, I can’t help but succeed.  Thank you, Jeffrey, for inspiring me, challenging me, and walking me through the areas that were holding me back!
Leah Harasem

Health Practitioner

My potential has grown exponentially from taking this course.  Way beyond my greatest expectations.
Nela Afonso

Wellness Practitioner

Jeffrey’s CareerHearted course is a refreshing new take on how to take an outdated business model and overlay it onto a new 21st century living model!
Taylor Wideman

Health Instructor

I was engaged fully – through all the hours in each day.  This is remarkable.  It’s the best business/career course I’ve ever participated in.  Jeffrey presents to every learning style in a way that is engaging and energizing.  Thank you, Jeffrey!
Debbie Faul

Health Practitioner

Invaluable!  A must for those that are willing to put their heart into their business.  Thank you!
Oksana Northwood

Wellness Practitioner

Jeffrey is a very captivating educator who is able to engage each member of his audience by using his in-depth knowledge.  It is so much more than a business course, it covers how to succeed in all areas of your life!
Nicole Senft

Body Talk Practitioner

Thanks for showing me how to start and maintain a business successfully and joyfully!  My fear turned to excitement on the first day!  Now I am so looking forward to going out into the world doing what I love to do and making money doing it.  All with love and joy.
Laurinka Beokes

Body Talk Practitioner, South Africa

What I liked most about this course is Jeffrey’s teaching and his awesome powerpoint presentation.  Jeffrey’s teaching shines light on a subject sought by many.  The CareerHearted course opens up the whole being.  It helps one to understand how to start and grow a business from the heart with all the resources for success.
Terry Bergstedt

Phoenix, AZ

I enjoyed the right brain approach to business.  I loved learning how to communicate with my business as well as the structure of the course.  I appreciated the awareness of different learning styles.  CareerHearted offers an amazing and unique opportunity to look at your business in a completely different way.  It provides a creative right brain approach to understanding the left brain practical tools of business.  Seeing my business as part of myself as well as how I can directly communicate with it was eye-opening and empowering.
Berkley Roberts

Phoenix, AZ

You walk into this class as one person and you walk out another.   It’s all effortless.  Just by being in the class, you change.  It’s magic.  Jeffrey really shows his experience and deep understanding.  Thank you, Jeffrey for bringing it alive for me.  You’ll be hearing more from me with great results.  I wish I had taken this course/workshop years ago.
Patricia Sullivan

Body Talk Practitioner, Seattle, WA

What impressed me the most was that the participants were so comfortable in the course environment and were able to share great ideas with each other.
Helena Street

Seattle, WA